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Her Name is Aurora lyrics

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Her Name is Aurora Song Lyrics

Aurora, help me...I need you...
Come to me like you always have...
Her name is Aurora and she is so beautiful
No man who has met her can even forget her
They're madly in love, forever in love
I see her so clearly, I know her so well...
She steps to her glass now
All almonds and roses
She's powered and pampered
The sight of her dark eyes
Igniting the screen...
Scorching the screen
Look at her radiance
See how she glows
Look at her silken cheeks
Pink as rose
Tell us you secret madam
Tell us please do
What is this happiness shining from you?
[SPIDER WOMAN] want to know...
Why I'm aglow...Oh!
Last night
I went too see the gypsy
And oh the things she had to say
She told me I would meet a stranger
A lean, handsome hero
Who'd sweep in and sweep me away
I sat there trembling at the table
And smelled the incense in the air
Someday you'll hear a cry, she told me
A sharp piercing sound and when you look around
The love of your life will be there!
I cannot tell you how you'll meet him
Or when you'll meet your love or where
But soon you'll hear that cry, she told me
And you'll look around...
You'll look around!
At that sharp piercing
Sharp piercing
Sharp piercing
Sharp piercing
Sharp piercing...

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