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Pilate's Dream


Pilate's Dream Lyrics

Pilate's Dream Song Lyrics


I dreamed I met a Galilean;
A most amazing man.
He had that look you very rarely find:
The haunting, hunted kind.
I asked him to say what had happened,
How it all began.
I asked again, he never said a word.
As if he hadn't heard.
And next, the room was full of wild and angry men.
They seemed to hate this man.
They fell on him, and then
Disappeared again.
Then I saw thousands of millions
Crying for this man.
And then I heard them mentioning my name,
And leaving me the blame.

May, 07th 2014
"Pilate's Dream" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" offers a unique and inteospective glimpse into the mind of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, before the crucifixion of Jesus. This song is particularly significant as it presents a moment of foreboding and introspection, diverging from the otherwise external conflicts depicted in the musical.

The lyrics begin with Pilate recounting a dream where he meets a Galilean, clearly Jesus, dedcribed as "A most amazing man" with a "haunting, hunted kind" look. This description of Jesus immediately sets a tone of intrigue and depth, suggesting a character who is both enigmatic and burdened. Pilate’s reference to Jesus' distinctive appearance suggests an awareness of Jesus' extraordinary nature and the weight of his fate.

Pilate asks Jesus about the beginning of the events leading to this moment, seeking understanding. Jesus' silence in the dream can be interpreted as a metaphor for Pilate’s own uncertainty and moral ambiguity regarding the situation he finds himself in. This silence could also reflect Pilate's internal struggle to reconcile his role as a governor with his personal perceptions of justice and truth.

The dream then shifts to a scene of aggression where Pilate observes men attacking Jesus, symbolizing the escalating hostility and injustice Jesus faced. This scene could also represent Pilate's awareness of the unjust nature of the situation and his role in it.

The dream concludes with Pilate envisioning "thousands of millions crying for this man," signifying Jesus' enduring impact on humanity. However, the dream turns ominous as these voices implicate Pilate, leaving him "the blame." This foretells Pilate's historical legacy, where he is often held responsible for the decision leading to Jesus' crucifixion.

"Pilate's Dream" thus serves as a narrative tool to convey Pilate's foreboding sense of dread and his premonition of his unwilling entanglement in an event that would echo throughout history. It underscores the complexity of Pilate’s character, torn between his duties as a Roman governor and his personal misgivings about condemning a man he finds no fault in.

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