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Music Video

Witch's Entrance - Into the Woods Cast

Soundtrack: Into the Woods

Song Lyrics

Witch's Entrance Song Lyrics

Witch: In the past when your mother was with child she developed an unusual appitite! She took one look at MY beautiful
garden and told your father that what she wanted more than anything in the world was-
Greens green and nothing but green! Parsley, peppers, cabbages, and celery. Asparagus and Watercress and Fiddlefern and
Lettuce. He said "Alright!" But it wasn't quite cause I caught him in the autumn in my garden one night!
He was robbing me, Raping me.
Rudding through my rutabagga raiding my arugula ripping up the Rampion MY CHAMPION MY FAVORITE!
I shoulda layed a spell on him right THERE! Coulda turned him into stone or a dog or chair-eh-eh. *Momentary Trance"
But I let him have the rampion, I'd lots to spare in return however I said fair is fair. You can let me have the baby
that your wife will bear.. And we'll call it square.

Baker: I had a brother?

Witch: NO! But you had a sister.

Narator: But the witch refused to tell him anymore of his sister...even that her name was Rapunzel.

Witch: I thought I had been more than reasonable...but how was I to know what your father had also HIDDEN in his pocket!
You see when I had inherited the garden my mother warned me that I would be punished if I were ever to loose any of the

Baker and Wife: Beans?

Witch: The special beans, I let him go I didn't know he'd stolen my beans! I was watching him crawl back over the wall when
BANG! CRASH! And Lightning Flash- and well that's another story nevermind...
Anyway at last the big day came, I made my claim.
"Oh don't take away the baby!" They shrieked and screached but I did! And I hid her where she'll never be reached! Your
father cried and your mother died. But for extra measure-I admit it was a pleasure- I said "Sorry I'm still not mollified"
and I layed a little spell on them.
You too son!
That your family tree will always be a barren one!

Baker and Wife: No!!!

Witch: So...there's no more fuss and there's no more scenes and my garden thrives! You should see my nectarines! But I'm
telling you the same I tell Kings and Queens don't ever never ever mess around with my greens! ESPECIALLY THE BEANS!

May, 23rd 2024
"Witch's Entrance," from the Into the Woods soundtrack, is a storytelling song that discloses history behind the curse of one Witch upon the other's family of the Baker. This tune captures the lives of the characters as they get entwined in the musical web, full of desires, consequents, and the interlacing fairy tales woven by Stephen Sondheim.

The desire of what happened to the Baker's mother during her pregnancy was followed by the story of the Witch, which then brought her to steal the cream-greens from the value-infested garden of the Witch. Not just the Witch's attitude and her affinity toward nature and magic, the garden was also full of different kinds of greens, which reflected power. So it sets up an outward series of ripples from the theft perpetrated by the Baker's father: the themes introduced during the course of the narrative, such as "The Witch's Quarrel with Her Neighbors," "The Witch's War on Innocents," etc.

The story of the song provides the perfect basis for the musical: one in which dark matters are intermixed with a fair amount of humor and cleverness. First and foremost, there is the Witch herself, who is both wronged and vengeful, because her very character is an essay by itself. Her response to the theft—a decision to take the Baker's unborn sister—marks the moral gray areas in which action is possible and the boundaries between right and wrong are blurred in the world of Into the Woods.

Further development of the story then unfolds as a further allusion to the beans that the Baker's father had stolen from the Witch is tied to the more general plot of magic beans in fairy tales, where unforeseen consequences inevitably emerge. This at once foreshadows a shared fate of the characters and the major, undeniable role that these beans play in the central unfolding drama. More importantly, of course, her curse that creates the family tree of the Baker to be barren is an analogy to a lasting effect of an action, just as how consequences are inherited. That then leads Baker into interweaving his fate with the other characters in a quest that will set the human characteristic agog: desire, morality, and, at last, understanding of happiness and fulfillment.

"The Witch's Entrance" is really more than a monologue by a character—it serves as a storytelling device: It threads the basis of it all through Into the Woods. It leads on to the audience through questions about human desires and the price that humans more often pay for said desires, plus the many nuances through which one can understand humankind's many diverse emotions and reasons. Sondheim created such a song that describes the beautiful multifaceted world in which fairy tales are no easy object of children's stories but tender, intricate explorations of humankind's many and sundry emotions, and reasons.

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