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Street 2 Street lyrics by Jayo Felony


Street 2 Street Song Lyrics

City 2 City, State 2 State
Country 2 Country, but most of all.....
I rock from street 2 street and alley 2 alley
while all you couch potatoes watch Ricki and Sally
So all you so-called players better hide in the Valley
cos real Gz put the Killer in Cali
I don't think none of y'all wanna test this
From bus tokens and transfers to Lexus
Never sex-less, they all want the pipe layer
I come bang on that ass so I can get player player
The way that I operate will thrill you for days
To all my niggas turnin green in the face from eatin microwave
meals, and I kill off a whole f**kin race
Now I arrive to you and rock the whole f**kin place
Hearmenow, it's bully loco, baby
and if I could I'd play em all cos they skanless and shady, nigga
Don't put your hands on em, cos they lock that ass up
But they try to hold me down so I can knock that ass up
You got me f**ked up in the realest way, or do I feel this way
You're quick to get knocked, while I struggle and strive
Throw up your doves and your E's while you're pumpin this beat
on a Hundred-&-f**kin Loony, cos that's my street
E-A-Ski gon' keep bringin the paparika to your speaker
as I fly over MC's and I watch em get weaker, uhh
At a club we come deep as the beat gets funky
then I get tipsy off Hennessey and start feelin on monkeys
Damn love, you're lookin good in them tight ass jeans
To all my b**ches writin mad cheques, for the finer things
As it comes thru the door, I creeps up real slow
This ain't Joe, fools, I'ma be a player for sure
How ya like it, baby? How ya like it, boo?
How ya like it, baby? How ya like it? Player style
How ya like it, baby? How ya like it, boo?
How ya like it, baby? They say she like it player style
You wanna make love but do you wanna wild thug f**k?
She wanna get f**ked so like Luke, I put her in the bump
You can't take it so I'm laughin as you cum to this beat
On a Hundred-&-f**kin Loony cos that's my street
Can't believe somebody tried to test this
Skanless fools just got me for my Lexus
Now I'm sexless and I wish I had that bus token
I know y'all niggas laughin, but fool I ain't jokin
Smokin the hump with dreams of livin lavish like Donald Trump
While niggas go out like Willie LumpLump
At least I know my main squeeze will be there for me
The way I lay the law down, she gots ta care for me
Mr.Professional, I'm not an amatuer by far
cos I leave the pussy open like AAH!!
I'm just a motherf**kin real OG and ask my click, b**ch
f**k that pretty boy sh*t
You know you wanna real nigga, that's strictly out to win
So now I like to drink Brandy cos we're best friends
f**k your player style to this bomb ass beat
On a Hundred-&-f**kin Loony cos that's my street