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If U Stay Ready (Remix)

Suga Free w/ DJ Quik Lyrics


If U Stay Ready (Remix) Lyrics

If U Stay Ready (Remix) Song Lyrics

[DJ Quik]
Yes, ha ha, Suga Free and DJ Quik

[Suga Free]
Hey babe, I know you're fine but
ha, open mine up, uhh
I got some game in the cut
Yo, open mine up
Holy mackerdime, I'm tryin to rock wit you both
I'm at the same damn time, y'all
Now when you be hatin, you be gigglin to pimps when you be visitin
Listenin, fiddlin, that nigga's straight with that pimpin
You don't gotta go home
No, but you gotta get the hell up outta here
So holy smokes and gee whiz
If game recognise game, don't check me, go check the trick
I know she just had a baby in June, her chest is saggin
Her na-na had turned to jelly and her stomach looked like a moon
but see I humped in the front, I humped her in the back
then I stopped when she got in the middle of her climax, goin....

[Chorus: DJ Quik]
If u stay ready
U ain't got to get, ready
If u stay ready
U don't ever ever get someone way out to get ready

[Suga Free]
If I could get a dollar for everytime you look at me sideways
I'd pay the Westside on Friday,
to beat all player haters, y'all on my way
Don't trip on me, potna, no uhh uhh
I'm havin visions of Bloody Mary with AIDS tryin to give some na-na
You can't dictate mine
What I look like to you, baby? Besides your feelin is fine
All natural like a brain, engineered like no other
Fly for life, still as a mannequin when it comes to my mother
Capricorn, baby, and I'm stubborn just like you
So why don't you do me a favour and tell that lie to that fool
Don't get me twisted, baby, I love you too
but when that redneck Carlo come with love don't do
Baby, my money's on the clock (clock), right around the block (block)
You see me stack big knot (knot), my music's all I got (all I got)
So I'ma stay ready, so I don't gotta get ready
Cos I rolls like King Tut runs erected like I'm a deist


[Suga Free]
She says "Suga Free, you got some money?",
I said "Yeah, since when?"
She said "What that mean?",
I look at her dead between her eyes, I said
"You ain't gonna get it"
Wait, now be still for me, why not just make you independent
and you can wear them cameras down to the
[click] and get my scrilla for me
The life and times in the city of Gz
You live the all-beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese
5'8, 36-24-36
aka Yum Yum, full-time hustler, a player's trick
but I, I spit this game so swell, no, put your clothes back on, baby
I'm into breakin hearts, promises and fingernails
That was no lie
and I put that on the Holy Ghost and four more gods
You broke my heart and I let you succeed
cos to a player that's a organ that you really don't need
Low and behold, what good is havin a heart if it could break and b-b-broke?
So if u stay ready, what you gonna have to get ready for?

[Chorus (x3)]

[Outro: DJ Quik]

One time, y'know? God damn
One time, no-no, say what you do
Make your money, and what you say
Holla ya ready, I'm Suga Free
Get my a money, oh baby oh
What you wanna do to me?
God damn, Suga Free, ?? DJ Quik and I stay for life
Uhh, aight y'all, hahahahah