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Jazzie's Groove lyrics by Jazzie B.


Jazzie's Groove Song Lyrics

It's time to get our groove back,
Back to life, back to reality.
Feeling free, releasing all our inhibitions.
Time to get our groove back.
Well, memories, they flood my mind,
As the sun, it begins to shine.
Reminiscing on the days gone by;
Do you remember those happy times?
Well, I'll give anything to be back there.
We'll just celebrate this happy years,
Taking time to unwind.
Just follow your mind
And leave your troubles behind.
But when we started, money was scarce;
Everything that we had, we shared.
Somehow I thought that you'd always be there.
Um, I don't know.
Well, it's now time to open our minds
And leave all those troubles behind.
Why? So we can have a good time
And let our hearts and soul unwind.
Well, you see, life's too precious to throw away.
And like a flame, it can easily blow away.
'Cause in the future, we're destined to grow
The time is now; we already know the way.
Now culture's closely connected, all respected, none neglected
The dreams that we share are universal.
Together we'll all become one.
So everybody, please make a change;
Negative attitudes rearrange.
Join together and forget the hate.
The time is now; we shouldn't leave it too late.
Family people, please believe me;
Color never deceives me.
Following our minds, leave our troubles behind
So we can be free one more time.
Tomorrow will pass; that we all know.
And as each day comes, there's another one that goes, you know.
But ignorance is no shame; it's just blindness to the facts.
But believe, for ignoring it, you're to blame for turning your back.
So, make the right decision from, mm, a thousand voices;
Many that there are, but believe all the choices are few.
So what'cha gonna do? Feel free or be free?
Now that's the question; that the real focus of reality.