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Music Video

Why You Wanna Funk?

Spice-1 and the Click Lyrics


Why You Wanna Funk? Lyrics

Why You Wanna Funk? Song Lyrics

[Intro: (some dred woman)]

Dere's no time for dem future
Come short wit me 9 milimeter
Body beater, doesn't pick up
Fully automatic collar point beater, uhh

[Verse 1: Spice 1, E-40]

Another whole f**kin clip and break down a nigga body, don't
think I'm bad, no boxin and no karate
Just a down ass nigga that you think you know
But you don't know is that I like to see you die real slow
So pull that motherf**ker out and you'll be buried somewhere
S-P-I-C-E-1 of niggas' worst nightmare
I set the game from the killers I knew back in the past
and I'm tellin you if you f**k with me it's a slug for your ass

Ain't no more pilin up your faeces
cos niggas be actin like b**ches
Pull a strap and don't use it, nigga that ain't smart
I know some niggas that'll take that kind of sh*t to heart
like me, bring it back e'rybody die
Spread fireworks make it look just like the 4th July
Have a sit, leave it laminated on the shelf
even though I'd rather do the sh*t by myself


Why you wanna funk when you ain't gotta chance
Don't make me have to make that call, aah-aah
Why you wanna go and pull a strap up out'cha pants
when you know you ain't gon' shoot at all, no no

[Verse 2: D-Shot, B-Legit, Suga-T]

Things are kinda cruel on the streets
sh*t, ain't nobody really tried to fake me
But it seems nobody wants to f**k with me
Why is that? I had no son enemies
I got rid of every last motherf**ker
for the simple fact I can't trust a
Nathan in this motherf**kin outfit
You come my way so ya have to die b**ch

I make em lay down, I gotta playground full of hardhead
beanie-capped, triple f*g goose wearin
wanna catch me loose starin at a barrel
Chances get narrow when I'm maskless, bearin thangs set to blast this
Enemy provider, fool I'm a ridah wit a driver
Keep the Uzi click switched on saliva
Neither you or crew that you pumpin
wanna see the Big Dogg about nuttin

Flow-a-matic automatic nigga to my 9
Paper chasin, I'm heavy on the mine
Every now and then a nut feels a bit dainty
Hoes by the dozens they really can't stand me
Swing my way you get your dome sprayed
?? f**ked around and became my best friend
Every now and then I yell "Get the urge to floggy!"
like every now and then I yell "Call my daddy 'Boss'!"


[Verse 3: E-40, Spice 1]

Eminate 'money over hoes', mistood a man named
*?"Xena spokes and vogues"?*
Go on a rampage, beanie, smokes and clothes
Drunk as a funk, Wild Irish Rose
Graveyard don't track, nigga might as well
Put in some overtime, make that scrilla, get some el
Late night, greedy gut, major clientel
Money-hungry, same draw, same rapper will

Blaow! Biddy-bye-bye-bye-bye S-P-I-I-I-I-I
love to do a d-d-d-drive-b-b-by
Reach out, reach out and touch a motherf**ker
with my nickel plated chrome, have you foamin at the mouth
When I fill your ass to the rim like brim
I got slugs for you, one for you and one for all of them
How could you play me like a b**ch, I ain't no sucker
I put slugs in nigga's arms, chests, legs motherf**ker


Why you wanna go and pull a strap up out'cha pants
when you know that you ain't gon' shoot