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The Next Spot lyrics - Sadat X & Grand Puba


The Next Spot Song Lyrics

To the next spot on to the next spot on to the next on to the next (x4)
[Grand Puba Intro:]
Yeah. Sadatty X. Grand Puba baby. ? up in here. Huh
[Grand Puba:]
Ay to my brother Big Dat show me what cha got
[Sadat X:]
Grand Puba Maxwell only time will tell
[Grand Puba:]
Time to put it all down and spread it around
[Sadat X:]
Now that the weather's warm lets release the storm
[Grand Puba:]
Ay my MC thesis leave MCs in pieces like Rieces
Controling chickens with telekinesis
[Sadat X:]
I shake the high school class way pass through the text book
Will be the next hook check the home row
[Grand Puba:]
I hit a flow that's oddly cause I be Godly
Grand Puba comin' with that garbage not hardly
[Sadat X:]
In the land of the wild we maintain our style
We play low, pickup the tab and go
[Grand Puba:]
Hey we move swiftly like the second hand on a Rolex
And move in the curve when it's time to cash the big checks
[Sadat X:]
There's a million ways to live on this thing called a planet
I'm a live everyday I ain't takin' nothing for granted
As long as I can stand it or at least that's how I planned it
Live well, be on catch the sunshine
[Grand Puba talking:]
Huh Sadatty X. We keep it moving. Yeah, Grand Puba baby. What?
[Sadat X:]
From the island beaches to the high school teachers
Dancehalls and malls others graffitti on the wall
I'll be here till three till the old bell rings
Give me a minute to chill and I'll collect my things
The word around town is that I took the crown
Best in the world pound for pound
Been around this place and I will astound
So c'mon everybody let's all get down
[Grand Puba:]
Ay I ain't mad at this game it's been good to me
I get Tommy free I get Nike free
I got 19 inch chromes on my 8 50
I got three different cribs no tellin' where I be
See, I don't like to brag but I'm good at this rhyme thing
Gun sling no drug things no matter what they hygene
My level on conscious make some sound like nonsence
It me, Sadat puttin' it to ya live
[Grand Puba talking:]
Yeah lay up stay up. No dills new yills.
All the way across the world and
we go like this.
[Sadat X:]
I make you party all night like when your mom work the night shift
And you had company, a female body
Now I ain't sayin' nothin' that ain't been said before
With my hands in the source as I'm make ya a big boss
I seen the kid floss for one long night
And get bail outta sight and can't handle it
But he fronted when the dinner was candle lit
Ain't no steaks for these frontin' fakes
[Grand Puba:]
Ay third verse final chapter
Mad three smoke I'm after
But there's still one main factor
Time to spread some love and laughter
I'm civilized so I have to deal with Actual Facts
No matter where yo at it's still considered black on black
Rather see you with a dime havin' a good time to my rhyme
Sadat's rhyme and everything'll be fine