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Ice Cube Lyrics


Higher Lyrics

Higher Song Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

Yo, I wanna get high
I wanna get high

Walking through campus with my backpack
bailin' to orientation
so I can change the nation
See many faces but none of 'em mirror me
show my ID to the punk ass security
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad
walked by a b**ch who think she's God
Passing me a flyer talkin' 'bout the Messiah
she wanna take me higher
Keep your rhetoric in the heavens
look and see a bro' with a fro like Michael Evans
Done spent 6 years in the college
always telling me to question the knowledge
Sittin' in the black hole with the black stroll
and not even one cave b**ch in our click
Sayin' f**k Professor Fitz
I come from the land of the Bloods and the Crips (What's up nigga)
Don't like scholarships because they hurt me
nothin' but a slave to the university
That's why ya see me on the track field run by ya
caught by a liar who wanna take me higher


sh*t, he wanna take me higher
wait until they get a load of me, sh*t sh*t
I wanna get high so high
Chocolate Thai

[Verse 2:]

I wanna take flight ya Goddamn right
it's a party every f**king night
Been there for about 6 weeks
walked by the freaks
look, black greeks
How the f**k ya figure
I dig ya me bein' from niggafied nigga
white boy in the room with me
who never saw BET what the f**k
He's about to erupt and turn red
start hangin' with the muthaf**kin' skinheads
'Cause he can't deal with the overkill
college ain't nothin' but niggerville
and he regret that his school is filled
with niggers jews and wetbacks
Plus chinks now he drinks
hour after hour screaming white power
Motherf**ker want me to call him sire
he wanna take me higher


sh*t he wanna take me higher
sh*t wait until they get a load of me
sh*t sh*t sh*t

[Verse 3:]

A girl gets date raped just like that
at a frat now she chase the cat
Feminist saying women is God's gift
do you need a lift can I take a sniff
Do I sound sexist cause I'm chasin'
after Deja she from Texas?
Down to kick the asses of the fascists
who wanna put me in the oven and burn me to ashes
but I'm not burnin' the world keeps turnin'
and nobody learnin'
'Cause college is full of sh*t
teachin' me to memorize nothin' but the lies
Chillin' at a rally for peace
the beast from white power up in the tower
with the M-1 gun and a scope on dope
thinkin' he's the great white hope
Motherf**ker levels off
he wanna see me 6 feet deep shoveled off
Cause Columbus University is nothing but a empire
who wanna take me higher


sh*t they wanna take me higher
Wait until they get a load of me
sh*t they wanna take me higher
They wanna take me higher
Unh damn they wanna take me higher
Damn wait until they get a load of me
Damn unh they wanna take me they wanna take me
Them muthaf**kas'll never break me sh*t