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The Flaming Lips lyrics - The Tale Of the Horny Frog

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The Flaming Lips Song Lyrics

Well, this frog was hoppin' on down the road
He was thinkin' about courtin', he had his hopes dashed too
He got squished by a car but just his one leg
He thought, "For makin' tadpoles just one leg oughta do"
He thought, "I've been heart broke before
Left a hole you could drive a truck through"
He hopped on down the road
A little bit further towards the truth
Now this one legged frog was just carryin' on
He was thinkin' about courtin' so [Incomprehensible] a sense of duty
He ran into a dog that hadn't eaten for days
And that dog bit his eye but he missed with the bigger tooth
He said, "I can see more clearly now
Desire has a way of gettin' you through
Oh, I know how you loved me back then
Now it's hard to face the truth"
Now this one-eyed, one-legged, determined ol' frog
He was thinkin' about courtin', he jumped up on a log
Well, that log was infested by some p**sed off bees
And they stung their stingers wherever they could get them to
Because I love you
What kind of hell do I put myself through?
He hopped on down the road
There is no pain this way to the truth
And by the time he got to his amphibian mate
He was so scared of pain, he thought that she'd just have to wait
But she was a demandin' old toad and havin' none of that
He saw in her eyes, "The truth is here at last"
What kind of urge could take this lily pad to the moon?
The grand old urge but how many eyes and legs can I lose?
Pleasure's so painful, it seems the joy is in the pursuit
He hopped on down the road, knowin' he finally found some truth