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Greased Lightnin'

John Travolta Lyrics


Greased Lightnin' Lyrics

Greased Lightnin' Song Lyrics

Well this car is systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic
Why, it could be Greased Lightnin'!
We'll get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads, oh yeah
Keep talkin', whoah keep talkin'!
Fuel injection cut off and chrome plated rods, oh yeah
I'll get her ready, I need to get her ready!
With a four-speed on the floor, they'll be waitin' at the door
You know that ain't sh*t when we'll be gettin' lots of tit
Greased Lightnin'

Go, Greased Lightnin'
You're burnin' up the quarter mile
Greased Lightnin', go Greased Lightnin'
Go Greased Lightnin'
You're coasting through the heat lap trails
Greased Lightnin', go Greased Lightnin'
You are supreme
The chicks'll cream
For Greased Lightnin'
Go go go go go go go go

We'll get some purple pitched tail lights and thirty inch fins, oh yeah
A palomina dashboard and duel-muffler twins, oh yeah
With new boosters, plates and shocks
I can get off my rocks
You know that I ain't braggin', she's a real pussy wagon
Greased Lightnin'

(Chorus x2)

May, 07th 2014

"Greased Lightnin'" from the musical "Grease," performed by John Travolta's character, Danny Zuko, is a high-energy song celebrating youth, car culture, and the rebellious spirit of the 1950s. The ltrics are filled with automotive jargon and metaphors that express the excitement and freedom associated with car modification and street racing, popular activities among American youth during that era.

The opening lines, "Well this car is systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic," use playful, exahgerated language to describe the car, Greased Lightnin'. These terms, although not technically accurate, capture the essence of a powerful, dream car that the teenagers aspire to build. The song then delves into specific automotive enhancements like "overhead lifters" and "four barrel quads," further emphasizing the car's high-performance capabilities.

The chorus, "Go, Greased Lightnin', you're burnin' up the quarter mile," reflects the car's speed and prowess in drag racing, a popular sport where cars race in a straight line over a set distance, typically a quarter of a mile. The phrase "burnin' up the quarter mile" suggests not only the car's speed but also the excitement and adrenaline rush associated with racing.

Moreover, the song uses the car as a symbol of teenage aspiration and status. Phrases like "The chicks'll cream for Greased Lightnin'" and "she's a real pussy wagon" highlight the perceived link between flashy cars and sexual attractiveness in teenage culture. These lines, while reflecting the machismo and bravado common in youth culture of the 1950s, also underscore the naivety and playful fantasy of teenage dreams.

Overall, "Greased Lightnin'" is a vibrant representation of 1950s teenage culture, where customizing cars and street racing were seen as ultimate symbols of coolness and rebellion. The song captures the spirit of youth, freedom, and the pursuit of excitement, all central themes in the musical "Grease."

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