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Life's Too Short (Outtake) lyrics

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Life's Too Short (Outtake) Song Lyrics

Anna: I came all this way today to give us a fresh start
But now that you're like wow it's all like warm in my heart
Elsa: I'm so glad you like it sis 'cause this is the real me
You have no idea how great it feels to be free
Anna: We've been falling out for way too long, so let's forget who's right
Elsa: And forget who's wrong
Both: Okay!
Elsa: Why don't you stay, there's room for family in my court
Both: Cause life's too short
Anna: To always feel shut out and unloved by the sister I long to know
Both: Life's too short
Elsa: To never let you celebrate me, the true queen of the ice and snow
Anna: Wohohooo
Both: I never understood, but now I do
Life's too short to miss out on a sister like you
Anna: So you'll come back, then.
Elsa: Back?
Anna: To thaw the fjord, it's frozen over, no one can get in or out?
Elsa: Oh.
Anna: Sooo....
Elsa: I don't believe you!
Anna: What?! I just assumed that you would have to...
Elsa: That I'll shove on the gloves, that's how your story ends?!
Anna: It does ! It's just like it was, except for we'll be best friends
Elsa: So that's in your plan to force me back in a cage
Anna: Whoa, whoa! Don't get upset let's get back on the same page
Elsa: Gee, thanks for coming up to see the place
And showing off your mastery of tact and grace, okay!
Run down the hill and spill my secrets, make a full report!
Anna: Wait!
Elsa: Cause life's too short
Anna: There it is! The door you'd love to slam in my face!
You did well there for a spell, but now you're back in the same place
Kick me out if you want, but I'm the only one who is
Not one hundred percent convinced the prophecy's you!
Elsa: You can think whatever you want 'cause I don't care
You're a fool who married a stranger!
Anna: That is so unfair
Both: I swear I'm through with taking your unshaking sisterly support!
HAH! Life's too short!
Anna: To let you treat the people down there just as coldly as you always treated me
Elsa: La la lalala laaaa
Both: Life's too short!
Elsa: To listen to a reckless fool who only sees the things she wants to see
Anna: You don't know
Elsa: You have no idea
Both: What I've been through
Because of you
Life's too short to waste another minute
Life's too short to even have you in it
Life's too short
Anna: I've been so wrong about you
Elsa: You?! You've been so wrong about everything.
Anna: Maybe you are the prophecy!
Elsa: I am NOT the prophecy!