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Music Video

Texas Funeral

Wayne, Jon Lyrics


Texas Funeral Lyrics

Texas Funeral Song Lyrics

Can you turn me up?
Turn me up full.

Uh, I went into a bar just the other night
Boy, I got into one Hell of a fight!
I think I might have broke my jaw.
Very next morning somebody stole my car.

My wife left home about a week ago,
She stole the kids and took all my doe!
She peed on the carpet and she shot my horse!
Now thing are gone from better to bad to worse

Texas and whiskey!
Whiskey from Texas!
Texas whiskey!

Oh, I went to daddy's funeral just the other day
It's just been three short days since he past away
Seems he died from having too much to drink
That's how his truck ended up in the drink

Texas and whiskey!
Funerals and Texas
Whiskey and Funerals
Texas and whiskey
Texas Funerals

ah, sh*t
I f**ked it all up!

[Thanks to asdfgh for lyrics]