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The Doll Shop


The Doll Shop Lyrics

The Doll Shop Song Lyrics

Music: various
Lyrics: various
Premiere: 1942

This doll shoppe is my joy and pride.
That is no folderol.
The people come far and wide to buy my pretty doll.
I have girl doll, boy doll, wonderful mechanical toy doll.
Dancing doll, prancin doll....*doorbell rings*....Bonjour, Monsieur.
Dites-moi que voulez-vous.

La Belle, Mademoiselle. I want one thing of you.
You see, I , I want a beautiful doll, a great big beautiful doll.
I want a doll that I can find romance with,
a doll that I can sing and dance with.
And if you have such a doll, such a won-won-wonderful doll you may wrap it up,
and I will pay in cash, but wrap it carefully so that it won't smash.
Oh me, show me a great big beautiful doll.

The first doll I will show to you will knock you for the loopey!
She is the latest style, 'tis true, my extra special kewpee.

JIMMY: Those yahka-hicki hula dolls are really much to faddy.

LILY: Monsieur, I have but one more left, that's a doll that cries out, "Daddy!"

[spoken] Daddy??
Don't Leave Me, Daddy

Daddy....don't leave me, daddy.
Won't you tell me why you're leaving.
When you're near me, dearie, life to me is cheery.
Oh, oh what a feeling.
Think what you're missing, lots of hugging and some kissing.
I don't care how mean you are to me, Daddy, dontcha leave me now.