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We Got

Trick Daddy f/ Trina Lyrics


We Got Lyrics

We Got Song Lyrics

[Chorus: J.V.]
We Got,
Mo' hoes (mo' hoes) mo' dank (mo' dank)
Mo' cheese in the bank, mo' rank
My dawgs on dubs, yours aint
My dawgs do whateva, yours cain't

That's right (that's right) that's us
Trina, JV, Trina, Tre+
Hit the club, slide through on dubs
Back to back ride through like what
Still goin, po'in hennessey
The best thing showin, blowin, remember me?
J to the dot straight to the top
We the sh*t for real other niggas play hot

[Money Mark]
To all the young hoes, I love ya fo'
Who let me take 'em to the house, get 'em loose, let 'em go
On the ?? so I guess I gotta love 'em though
But I'm a P I m p, so you know I dont love these hoes
And I, don't see 'em, (don't see 'em), won't be 'em
Won't be buyin' no hoes Benz's or Benz
No mo' diggin in Money Mark ??
I'm a Slip-N-Slide nigga and I straight dont see 'em

[Chorus 2X]

[Trick Daddy]
Yo T-double D doin' amazing thangs
And have you b**ches around sayin', Why you say them things?
Cuz I'm a T-H-U double G-G
Wherever I go, you b**ches you love me
Whether an LP, uh, a remix
The only thing I'm a spit is G' sh*t
Specialize in f**kin' and gettin' head
?? wanna pay for riches for head
Of a, ass hoe, that mack hoe
The truth of the matter fact, a slapped hoe
Beaten back ?? and hoodrat hoes
I like them slim and po'
No fat hoes
If I, had a penny for every b**ch I get
I'd be a young raw nigga with a platinum di*k
Ride around town with the platinum sh*t
Spittin' all these gangsta platinum hits

[Chorus 2X]

Ms. Trina, Ms. Drama
Diamond princesses got the mama
Stacken that bread, plenty dolla's
Drop it, pop it, Fendi colla's
Chart toppin', hit droppin'
Ain't no stoppin' the champane from poppin'
I'm finna bring a Grammy home to Miami
Purple see ok, drop candy
Twenty Inches, dipped in the chrome
Lil mama thick to the bone
When the last time you seen a b**ch like this
Come into the game and get rich like this
A b**ch that make hit after hit like this
Icy from a anklet to the wrist with
Mo' mansions, mo' yachts
Slip-N-Slide got the bottom on lock

[Chorus 2X]