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December, 09th 2016
Pharrell Williams performed Hunter composition. This artist has a high voice. Such Justin Timberlake from the world of R’n’B. He does good things, as, for example, this song. If you want to become quiet, this composition will smooth the mood. Not necessary to say much about it – just listen to its rhythm and imbue with it. Reference: Pharrell Williams Performs "Hunter" on 'The Voice' Before His Team Dominates the Live Shows -

Hunter lyrics - Pharrell Williams

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Hunter Song Lyrics

Just because it's the middle of the night
That don't mean I won't hunt you down
'Cause something deep inside
Is pulling me and I want you now
You and I should be getting il right
Ain't no sense in you roaming around
If I can't have you nobody can
This is an animal speaking that'll hunt you down
So baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
Sex is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
I om showing my teeth
And I hope you know that look in my eye (hey!)
I've got lightning speed
I won't hesitate to rescue what is mine (hey!)
Well hold up baby what's going on?
Tell the truth I wanna know!
Whatchu doing when you gone?
Something say you ain't clone!
You say "baby keep holding on"
Whatchu mean? I been holding on!
I ain't never smelt this before
Something say it's time to goll
Taxidermy is on my walls with a full description of the kill and cause
I'm a hunter
Cupid thank you for what you did
But you can't aim and get what I get
I'm a hunter
Duck dynasty is cooi and all
But they got nothing on the female's call
I'm a hunter
Is that a tree or is that camouflage?
Come get eaten by the damn mirage
I'm a hunter
You're leaving me?
What? I'm supposed to let it go?
You can't be serious!?!
You know what's in my blood!