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Lookin' For Love

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Lookin' For Love Lyrics

Lookin' For Love Song Lyrics

[Lil' Zane]
Yeah, Next, uh Lil' Zane
Come on drop the top, let cha' hair fly
It's a clear sky tonight baby
Uh, let me know what's on ya mind
It's Saturday, get the car shined up
Hair cut lined up, Heaven made my mind up
Professed one side of it tied up, won't see me there
I wonder how she wears her hair
If I see her I swear
I'm gonna put the game down like you
[Chorus: Next]
I'm just looking for love
I've been looking all over the club
Fresh Nikes, jeans cuffed, pressed in Sean John
Trying to find someone, someone for me
I just tipped valet
Got in line through the metal detectors, stormin' days
Movin' to the sound of the DJ hoping she'll come my way
Is it the girl with the bomb weave, standin' next to me
Or is it the one with the short waves
A few are stepping but I ain't checking cause
[Lil' Zane]
I switch lanes when I hoop game
Bet I score the same when I shoot game
I promise baby that I change whe the loop came
I'm off to bigger, better things with my new thang
No strings attached I'm on my two-way
Hopin' that our beams'll match
Gotta see you later baby, I'm a fiend for that
Wide body Navigator but my screens are flat
Now we watchin' motion pictures sittin' right in the track
Wanna honey dip, not interested in spendin' money
But how the money flip
She ain't concerned when I earn, she make money chips
I lit the fire place, baby gave me fine face
Tell me what cha' want but shorty I'm not Mase
I'm known for drillin' in a hole like I'm I-A
Fast as a speedin' bullet on the highway
Hopin' that I'm not late
And I ain't worried bout a ticket cause I got cake
Baby I'm lookin' for love
[Chorus repeated to fade; with Next & Lil' Zane ad-libs]