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Da Funk

Timbaland Lyrics


Da Funk Lyrics

Da Funk Song Lyrics

Uh Check out the flava
I got you strung out like Kayta
Catch me on ???
Just can not fate her
Later for all you whack MC's
Claim to be my friend
But really my enemy (me me me)
Why you want to mess with me
Cus I got Mentalor
I'll mess you up like that lady in Mallas
Thats childish
Cus I'm on another level
Uh universal-cology on the f-in-devel
Uh bring the shovel
Cus I'm bout to dig your grave
Not a lady but I call Mad Rage
On stage
Stick of you like ..... Dan Cage
Cus I'm doin this my way

I dont know
You been told
About that funk
Bass control
Dat Funk baby dat funk
Dat Funk baby dat funk


Magoo whats up my *nigga*
Do you want this girl with this fine figure
Get with her
After that then we trick her
Then get her drunk off the Thunderbird Liquor
Then video tape her like that man did on Slipper
If she acts up dismiss her (what what what)
I hope she don't think we acting hard
Cus we in with the mayor and that big boy Sarge
Ain't that large
They will say it will be that
With Timberland and that Maganoo sound now
You must go through initiation
Bad situation
Like a brother on a plantation
Time is wasting
Catch me on location
on your funky radio station
Da Funk Da Funk

(repeating funk through the chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

1,2 1,2 where ya gonna run to
When I come through when you start acting brand new
I'm like a maniac when I do my track
I doubt it if my beats will be whack
Play like Sylvester and leave me Stallone
Cus I'm gonna find your girl and make her moan (what)
Make her get on and on (on and on on on on and on)
Now I got this far
I'm a smooth black brother so I paid off the star
Hot now I'm gone with the quickness
It's a damn shame I am so relentless
I'm the crazy thriller
I slap the F off Farina and then took his Miller
I like (I like)
Cus I'm right
Old tight (wont tight)

Chorus almost to the end

"Da Funk" is repeated till the end