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Beat Bop Lyrics - Rammellzee, K Rob

Soundtrack: Downtown 81

Song Lyrics

Beat Bop Song Lyrics

[K Rob]
Get funky in the place [x2]
It's pathetic dope addicts have to be abused
It's a shame what a day to be a prostitute
Life is given to us just to do the right thing
Instead of that we came a ho or a big dope fiend
Make you feel real bad every time I see
Another bum or brother sleeping on the street
In the corner in the morning every night and day
It's a pity so many people try to act gay
Everybody's turning crazy so you'd better believe
To do the right things or soon you'll see
Life ain't a moral joke it's a serious thing
When you're dealing with the answers that you can't explain
New York City is a place of mysteries
Drug addicts dope dealers taking over the streets
That me is always saying why the hell do we pay?
What for they break the laws and get a couple of days
No sense tryin' to help there's really no use
Think of us messing up lectating at you
Hot rocks tryin' to pop with no respect
Niggas waiting at the station for the big pay cheque
Home boys going bakin' on Thursday night
Girls waiting in the house for Mr. Right
Kids going to school just to be a fool
Never want to learn work just a polin' on you babe
It's the funky beat and it's the funky beat
And it's the funk, the funk and it's the funky beat
This is the mellow they call the Rammell
That rocks you with the rhythm that'll shock your spell
When the shake-up kid that wakes you up in the morning
Gotta rape with the rhythm like a number one groanin'
MC quick just to make your peanut butter
Shock with the rhythm of a number one undercover
Break it up just shake it up rodeo uh [x2]
I'm the mellow D down with the funky sound
That can mace your brain with my diamond studded crown
Just a makin' you dip like a little bitty dive
Live a prick just bakin' your hide
Rock on to the break of dawn
Just freak that yeah baby
Just freak it yeah baby
Like the little jelly-bean I'm a sweet like a candy-cane
Make you get down just the number one stain on the train
Just groovin' like a say john
Just break it up yeah yeah stay john
Like a roller coaster ride that can make you bump
Just groovin' with the rhythm as I shake your rump
You gotta rock rock you don't stop the baby y'all
You gotta now rock and you don't stop
Just hip-hop the day they doo-be-doo
Yeah Scooby Doo what you wanna do crew
Just freak out, yeah baby
Just freak up yeah, yeah baby
Drink it up yeah, I know my dear
I can rock you out this atmosphere
Like a gangster prankster number one bankster
Got the much cash to make you thankyou
Rock on to the break of dawn
Break of dawn, keep it on keep it on
I know ZZ that can rock quick
Like a iconoclast had your rhythm to the stick
Just a rock on like the finger lick
Finger popping hop popping now don't stop bunny rock
Bunny rock and you don't stop
That long finger nail at the end of my tip
Of my pinkie cocaine make you slip a my lip
Just make you freak when a panny wanny with clip
Got the little pat to the dab'll make you my hip
Shake shake rock body rock the hip and the hop
Like RPM's my
Nose don't care about the rhythm that breaks
Because the music is down when your body want to shake
Gotta hip hop and then baby dog get down
Let the rock just shock your dome
Just break it up, shake it up yeah baby
Cause the groove just rocks like a little shady
Get shade yeah, shade it up with the glasses
Make it on with the serious pattern
Get the melody quick, yep the melody sound
That'll rock you quick with the number one crowd
I can get up on the groove that make you shake down
Cause the beat from the depths of hell make you get down
Rock on, to the beat
Freak it on, freak it on with that kid unique
Just check it out, check check it out
I said I broke into a dun Seville yeah
And then I shot across top of hill, with the chill yeah
Break it up Cypress Hill, shake it up
With the writings on the wall, I don't give a f**k
Just jam it up, rock on you don't stop
Jam it up, rock on you don't stop
The B-boy, rock on you don't stop
Freak it on freak it on break down don't stop
From the depths of hell, rock well Rammell
Rock on to the beat beat
Yeah candy-cane kid you're just rocking so sweet
Cause I'm a jam up hip hop making the tip top
Shake on the break down the needle on the eye
Grooving with the rhythm of the break in the tie
[K Rob]
Smoke cheeba, into whores, drinking all week through
Never want to go to school and that's a fact
Till all of a sudden you got left back
Now you're feeling real low and mighty hurt
And your friends are snapping on you like you're a jerk
Now things are hard and you're really depressed
And your mind can't function cause you can't pass the test
You're saying to yourself what can I do?
I can't go home, I might as well quit school
Jobs are hard to find everybody knows
And you can't do crime cause you're on parole
No education is a big disgrace and
So you might as well work at the sanitation
Can you get my drift?
Get funky in the place
I know the man that gets with the deal
That rocks like the pimps that acts real real
He can get real I'll when you're on the chill
I like the quarter drop a dime
That can make you seek a thrill
Master killer called the evil gorilla
Yes the best in the nation yeah number one thriller
I'm the best cut, rocking with the duck
Making with the conceal
Shock shock you don't quit quit you don't quit
Rocking, don't stop the beat bop the rocking
You don't quit quit
Turn it up y'all with the serious sh*t
You shake it on rocking on and on break of dawn
Keep it on keep it on break of dawn
Get on, get on, get on, a get up, get up
Like a rodeo, rodeo big duck
Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha
I like a DD the hopping with the BB
King of the mike a like a mike controller see
Get on the freak a like a little di*k di*k
You're rocking hard with kid unique
Like disco Patty Duke uh I don't stop
Patty Duke played out the hitting the top
I break a rock grandmaster hip a joint up shock it up
Check it out you don't stop
[K Rob]
Get funky in the place [x2]
All the time that you been hanging out with your friends
You never took the effort to see what's happening
Crime, crime, crime can't get it off my mind
Cause it's a thing we have to face all the damn time
People always say why do they break the laws
Gonna tell you right now it's cause a all a y'all
That's a go like ebola, gonna let it be told
It doesn't matter to a thief if you're young or old
Just money they wanting they need it bad
And to take another person's life it makes them feel glad
So rock, to the funky beat
Ain't another ain't another that you heard yet
Rockin' better rockin' better on the radio set
And if you did and if you did please tell me now
Are there others are there others rockin' better in town?
Have to say have to say don't front on me
And if you do and if you do it's only jealousy
All the ladies, G-money
All the homeboys, G-money
Money makin', rock on and
Money makin', rock on and
Boogie Down yeah, rock on and
Rammellzee, rock on and
You know the crew that can make you get down
With the funky moves bust now
When I get down to the funky jackpot
You know I got the rhythm just makes you bet bet
Your cash uh like a three card money money
All I wanna do is just rock the beat honey honey
And with the jam down with the dive
Like I'm picking your pocket with the di*k on the slide slide
But your cock ain't 38 shooting me a straight
Cause I'm down like the double def remanipulate
And on that beat grandmaster make a move
Making with the rhythm when I shoot into the boo boo
Rocking on like a Tutti-Frutti boo boo
You know uh when I went to school
I went to the depths of hell to the darkest deepest corner
Rocking all the women shocking with the order
Order of a double def a magical man
I'm like a dipster prankster deffing with the damn damn
Def def def jam y'all. I'm like a
B-boy makin' with the freak freak [x2]
Shoot it up yeah shoot it up y'all yeah [x2]
Break it down yeah baby [x2]
Sniffing the dope yeah and taking the oath
I'm like a little old homeboy shooting with the toke yeah
Making with the sneaker rocking like a easer
Mc Quick just a number one pleaser
Shooting like an uptown pimp on the check
When I step out my ride I can hit the deck
Rock on to the break of dawn [x2]
Seven twenty Z
Bust a move
Well I was coming from school it was three o'clock
Had no money in my pocket broke to the last drop
I had no way of getting home
I was really messed up cause I was all alone
I felt the real sick and very confused
And my heart was pumping fast I think it was the booze
And my legs felt the weak and I couldn't walk
Got pains in my chest when I tried to talk
I said, 'Oh God it had to happen to me'
'Give me a chance to straighten up and get a day OB'
Cause I'm the type of person who likes to play
And at the time I had a drink and got carried away
You know everybody once made a mistake
It's not too late to straighten up so give me a break
I'll go to church and do my work instead of being a jerk
As a doctor or a lawyer even desk clerk
Whatever you say I must do
Cause you're the one and only and I trust you
Crime is going up...

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