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Dreamed You lyrics


Dreamed You Song Lyrics

(College Park 2 Decatur 2 The Swats and back 2 College Park) 3x
College Park, know what I'm saying, this goes out 2 all our Atlanta family
Cuz the love we get, we gots 2 be dreaming baby, know what I mean, JE yo, all the time.
She came 2 me like a vision in the night
Thought I was wrong but I had 2 be right
I just can't believe that you're the real thing
And I'm trying 2 figure out this feeling
Was it a dream or you're just that right
Smile like bling and a body so tight
Let a brotha know how you feel, cuz I've been lookin' 4 a girl that's real.
When they say that they be lookin' 4 the real men
Alwayz claiming that they want the f**kin' real thing....
(You the one I wanted all my life, baby tell me are you just that right yeah)
Must be something bout the way you work that body, thinkin' bout you like your my hottie.
(So I wanna be with you, baby tell me have I dreamed you.
Thought I dreamed you, one night when I closed my eyes
Can't believe that you're really mine
Told myself a thousand times, that's why I thought U dreamed you
I ain't never been this lucky, girl like you, with a dude like me
You're the just 2 good 2 be true, thought I dreamed you.
Girl I believe in love at first sight, even though I saw you in a dream one night
Girl you were sent 2 change me life, I know it's real
I dreamt about twice, so if you're lonely need someone 2 hold you, call me up
And baby girl I'm a come through
I got the thing you feel up in your knees, and baby you're the only one 4 me.
(You must be lookin' 4 me)2x
(If I had a dime 4 every thought, girl I'd be a very rich man)
(Lately I can't wait 2 get 2 sleep at night
And I think about what life would be like (with you)2x
Lately I can't wait 2 get 2 sleep at night, and I)....
....If I'm dreamin' of you, then please don't wake me.
Um oh ah um, um, ah, oh um..........