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Powerman 5000 Lyrics


Organizized Lyrics

Organizized Song Lyrics

Like a kung fu maniac drunk on the blood of a thousand victims
My case in point is I don't have a system
No need to knock them down
What's that sound or uplift them, yeah
Well, maybe in space no one can hear you scream
Now is it yourself or is it a team
Think fast 'cause you might get caught while you're asleep
The forces of evil run deep, they're so deep
Gettin' organizized
Confusion is the heart of stability
Stability is the heart and soul of insanity
It's going, it's going what's going's got you gone
There ain't nothing here so move along
When it rains it pours it pours, it rains insanely
Logic is the strength of the truth, but the pain sees it all
I'd tell you why but I cannot recall
Gettin' Organizized
Possessions possess they kill you distress
I know what's here and that is a mess
When you recreate the fact, you recreate the factual
What was never here becomes the actual
Seven thousand words scripted out in rhyme
And I've got some too, but in the meantime I'll step from the flow 'cause that is my way
I know what's when, hey, what can I say

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