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Echa Pa'Lante [Spanish Cha-Cha Mix]

Thalia Lyrics


Echa Pa'Lante [Spanish Cha-Cha Mix] Lyrics

Echa Pa'Lante [Spanish Cha-Cha Mix] Song Lyrics

Echa pa'lante!

I know you're a little shy, boy
I can see it in your eyes
You're trying to play it cool
But I see right through your disguise

You're sitting there in your corner
Just waiting to make your move
Come a little closer, baby
Let me get into your groove

Echa pa'lante
No mires pa'tras
Keep on moving, baby
Don't look back

You've got me so fascinated
Don't know what I'm gonna do
'Coz every inch of my body
Is crying out for you

Baby, this is the moment
That we've both been waiting for
Baby, take some action
'Coz you know tonight I'm yours


If you want to be my lover, boy
You've got to take control
'Coz I can see you want me
I can feel it in my soul

Your desire ain't no secret, come
What are you trying to hide?
Fasten up your seat belt, boy
Let me take you for a ride


Other people say
(Echa pa'lante)
Move, move it
(No mires pa'tras)
If you wanna be my lover
(Echa pa'lante)
Whu Whu Whu Whu
(No mires pa'tras)