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Seven Mary Thre Lyrics


Wait Lyrics

Wait Song Lyrics

I imagine long walks down the road
Things began to bloom, the sky explodes
Damages undone
Then I know this has got to be a dream
She's in love, her wings don't lie
I took my sleep for granted in the past
And I woke up half dead, hourglass
Now does that sound funny???

Wait, your almost there, it's gone
Your almost there, it's gone
Your almost where what follows you does not follow you

I have walked the tightrope parts of me
Told a lie just far enuff to see
Never found a gift I got for free
You pay for them daily
I see my forever as one long time
And if I could make it die, I could make it lie
I know the cost of living digs
Down into my lies

Repeat Chorus

All your time
Are you unexpired
As the miscommunication trys to eat you up inside
And I am here
As you are here
And everything I want to know
Is simply in your reach

Repeat Chorus 2x