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What A Day, What A Sky lyrics - A Christmas Carol Cast

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What A Day, What A Sky Song Lyrics

(Scrooge awakes, tangled in the bedsheets and realizes he hasn’t missed Christmas after all. Overjoyed, he rushes into the
What a day, what a sky
What a happy man am I!
What a joy to be live and well!
God, what a street!
What friends you meet!
(Old Joe and his smelly horse go by.)
What a sound!
What a lovely smell!
(Scrooge sees the Charity Men.)
Here are coins
For the poor,
Just the first of many more,
And a check for your charity!
And if we save a few
Let it all have to do with me!
(Scrooge sees poor Mr. Smythe and his daughter.)
Hear the bells as they chime.
Mr. Smythe, you’re out of time!
And you’re now out of debt as well!
Go buy the tots
A toy, buy lots!
Have a good and a fine noel!
If I’d known what I know
I’d have done it years ago!
I’m as light as a man can be!
Oh, the whole world is new
And it all has to do with me!
(Scrooge makes his way through the streets, seeing familiar faces.)
Mr. Scrooge was laughin’!
Gave me quite a fright!
Something made him see the light!
Maybe he’s been drinkin’!
Gave me quite a start!
Maybe Christmas touched his heart!
(Scrooge stops off at the Cratchits to deliver his prize turkey to them and pledges to help them from now on. He continues
on to his nephew’s door, and humbly asks if he can come to Christmas dinner.)
There’s a place in my heart
Where you’ve always been for me.
(He presents her with the bunch of flowers he purchased.)
“We’re so very happy you’ve come.”
Welcome home, Uncle Scrooge
Welcome home to family.
(A few snowflakes fall…and then, many, many more.)
[Thanks to deny for lyrics]
[Thanks to Jeffrey West for corrections]