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A Place Called Home lyrics - A Christmas Carol Cast

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A Place Called Home Song Lyrics

“My dear Sister Fan, I’ve been living and working in this awful place for six months now. It is worse than the last place,
and even worse than the one before that. I miss you terribly and hope we can be together this year. I often remember the
way things used to be.”
There’s a place called home
I can almost see,
With a red front door,
And a roaring fire
And a Christmas tree.
It’s a place called home
That I can still travel to.
(We see Fan reading her brother’s letter.)
It’s the place in my heart
Where I still come home to you.
“Merry Christmas. Don’t forget me. Your loving brother, Ebenezer.”
Just a place in my heart,
I can still come home to you.
[Thanks to Wildcats for lyrics]
[Thanks to Jeffrey West for corrections]