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In Pursuit of Excellence lyrics - Children Of Eden Cast

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In Pursuit of Excellence Song Lyrics

I've been watching you for a while now
My pretty little misss
And I've got to tell you thisss
You make me want to hisss
Your aimless curiosity is fast becoming tiresome
Knowledge, dear, is power
And it's high time you acquired some
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
Lesson one for free
Repeat it after me:
I'm in pursuit in excellence
Excellence is what I wish
Once I was a feckless dreamer
Now no being is supremer
Why waste time wallowing in ignorance?
Why be just a big fat fish in a tiny little pond?
Look beyond!
And if the quickest route
Means a taste of forbidden fruit
What the hey, it's all in pursuit of excellence!
Time for some sophisticating
It's no sin to be scintillating
So don't be such a stiff
Mmm, just take a sniff
Really, what's the diff?
If a couple fibs are spoken
A couple vows are broken
That's the price I guess
No pain, no gain!
You'll be swiftly overtaken
By some ambitious snake unless
You progress
Learn to dress
For success
We're in pursuit of excellence
Winners get to take the risks
While the losers discuss
That's why they're losers!
Pass the test when you're tested
Be the best, not the bested
Let all the nervous wrecks
Stay too frightened to stick out their necks
They're not in pursuit of excellence like us
Like us! Like us!
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