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Zacharias and Gabriel Recitative lyrics - Michael Crawford; Russ Taff

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Zacharias and Gabriel Recitative Song Lyrics

Zacharias turns toward Gabriel
again to express his concern.
ZACHARIAS: How shall I know this is true
For I'm an old man
And my wife is old, too?
GABRIEL: I am Gabriel, who stands
in the presence of God
I was sent to tell you this work of
God's grace
but because you did not believe
my words
You will not speak again until this
takes place
Gabriel leaves and Zacharias
continues his duties. Outside, the
townspeople have been waiting for
Zacharias to come out and pray over
(Townspeople Outside The Temple)
MAN #1: "What's keeping
Zacharias, the priest?"
MAN #2: "Zacharias?"
WOMAN#1: "What a shame he
and Elizabeth never had
any childen."
WOMAN #2: "I don't think it was
because God was displeased
with them."
WOMAN #3: "No, they're such a
nice couple."
MAN #4: "Why is he taking
so long?"
WOMAN #4: "It's getting late.
We really need to be going."
MAN #2: "Well, we can't
leave until he pronouces
the blessing."
WOMAN #4: "Wait, I see him."
WOMAN #3: "Here he comes."
MAN #1: "Shh! He's going to
pronounce the blessing."
WOMAN #1: "Why isn't he
saying anything?"
MAN #3: "He's trying to speak,
but he's not making a sound."
MAN #2: "What's the matter
with him?"
WOMAN #4: "Is he alright?"
MAN #4: "What is it, Zacharias?"
WOMAN #2: "Tell us with
your hands."
WOMAN #3: "What is he trying
to say?"
MAN #4: "I think he has seen
WOMAN #1: "Was it a vision,
WOMAN #4: "Was it an angel?"
MAN #1: "Was it God?"
(Zacharias nods yes.)
WOMAN #2: "Zacharias has heard
from God."