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Music Video

You Don't Want None

Mack 10 & Road Dawgs Lyrics


You Don't Want None Lyrics

You Don't Want None Song Lyrics

Damn Dawg, sure look you ballin
I hit licks nigga
Yeah homey, with that one-oh piece hangin around yo' neck
I hit licks nigga
Eighteen carat on the wrist, double digit style
what's happenin witchu man?
I hit licks nigga
Pushin ?rar-ies?
I told you dog, I hit licks nigga

[Mack 10]
I Inglewood swing like a king, cause my pockets is the fattest
The young presidential nigga with the platinum status
Maniac Mack 10, and I'm callin all hogs
Now who wanna test the Chickenhawk and the Dawgs?
With the fo'-fo' knockin noodles leavin niggaz like top ramen
And Dawg I'm dumpin everytime you're even thinkin about bombin
This a jack move blood, hit the deck and that's real
You need to give up your goods or get your punk ass killed

[Road Dawgs]
In this life I'm takin chances servin, slidin plastic
got b**ches walkin out of banks with cash advances
I came up watchin true ballers; no one can school us
I've seen fools go from mule-rs to U-Haul-ers
Stay strapped for the get back; plus I use it
to jack hustlers and kidnappers *woman screaming*
Every since my Dawg died, I put mo' licks in the mix
Another motherf**ker hog tied

in the trunk of the Continental (how you do dat)
Trix are for kids, when I'm finished check his dental (check it)
Step up to spit slugs on him, fool stole from me
I had to plug on him (we know his whereabouts)
No more hesitatin, no more debatin no more waitin
We gotta take him, shake him for his Dayton's
Empty the clip and desecrate him, verbatim
(Kill that nigga yo) You hatin, we gotta fade em

[Chorus: Road Dawgs]

You don't want none (Westsiders we riders)
Licks, it's all about stacks and stocks
Max with glocks
[Mack 10] as my lifetime is tickin
Comin up strong, lickin and flippin chickens


[Road Dawgs]
Huh, it be the season for lickin (right)
Much love to my thug niggaz and drug dealers
(Hell yeah (nigga) make way)
for the handler hawkin fingers, bell ringers, bringers
on the real, when I stick steel in your grill
with the intent to kill you bout to get your cap peeled
Glock in the hand of a mack, I'm a hundred and jack
Kill for the crack, sell it and steal it right back

Set your mindstate, into murders and po-po
California's ruthless... keep the fo'-fo'
Straight dumpin out a fo'-do'
in the city with the Damu rip, and cholo
G's wearin Polo, doin their 'do low
When I strike, you're stuck, I attack like Cujo
It's do or die for da meanest
in a gang like this nigga, f**k all freaks!

[Mack 10]
Since dope is the game, I guess I found my niche
Got everybody trippin how quick I got rich
First Mack used to struggle, but now it's mo' betta
I got to meet mo' niggaz, so I made mo' chedda
Now my whole umbrella check doe like a teller
Went from a quota rock nigga, to a big bird seller
Got the spot straight vacant what's to be made a nigga make it
And what a nigga ain't makin, you best believe a nigga takin


[Road Dawgs]
I'm a motherf**kin menace, mashin through Lennox
up to Venice down in Henny's, chasin it with Guinness
All one, greed in my eyesite stay G'd
and make em bleed nigga what that I like
Gangsta love, slippin on my gloves
Turn into eleven showin they sevens and the dove
Who the Dawgs in your house? Comin through your doors
and your windows, layin niggaz out

[Mack 10]
I can see clearly now, let the bullsh*t fade
Niggaz can't paid caught up in the masquerade
So I mash and hoo-ride when it's time to collide
And keep a big fat heater cause it's cold outside
I flash like boo-ya, won't hesitate to DO ya
A nigga like me a straight junkie for MOO-la
One-Oh all about the doe the dividends and the funds
Makin hons pull they guns and f**kin two-one-one's (beyitch!)

[Road Dawgs]
I been exposed to this lavish life gangsta sh*t
And I suppose I'm 'posed to have a nice major grip
So give it up motherf**ker! You got
one more time with that flip mouth then I'm buckin ya
Check it in homey, keys and cash
Don't make me act afool and blast your brains all over that dash
Another bloody situation (b**ch ass nigga!)
Blaowww, I ran out of patience

[Chorus 4X]

[Mack 10]
Yeahhh, the Road Dawgs, and Mack One-Oh
Straight up Westside Connect gangbangin to the fullest nigga!
(Tell em Dawg) hahaha
YOU KNOW FOOL! Unfadeable
Dub-S-C-G, you niggaz don't want none
You don't want none
Nah nigga, you don't want none
(You don't want NONE!)