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Black and Blue lyrics by Mos Def, Mekhi Phifer


Black and Blue Song Lyrics

[Mos Def]
Hey, you don't like me
That's alright I like me
I got something to say to you
I see you standing on the side
With your smile and your crooked eyes
Actin' like a man
But a chick frontin' in disguise
Pokin' on some thicker thighs
Smokin' on a blunt of lies
Tradin' in they badge
For a sash sayin' "SUCKER, HI!"
Lookin' at her son now
Probably make a mother cry
Should've listen to that song
Telling you to walk on by
But you didn't, now your washed up
Like a cup of Tide
Let me know I got the heat
When you think it's time to dry
Who you think you talkin' bout?
Mistaking me for some other guy
Need to buy a watch
Cause ain't no shorty gonna give the time
Day or night, birthdays, Kwaanzas or Valentines
Big talk, really small
But you ain't a friend of mine
You ain't even genuine
Sweeter that a cin-a-bun
[Mos Def (Mekhi)]
But with five fingers in a fist
I'm deadly as the Pentagon
(Or you because you bout as criminal as killa)
Ooh ha, I see you slick with the words now
Gash cause you got a chick with curves now
Calm your nerves down
You was locked, Carmen Brown
Jaws had hers now, scored on the first down
Yeah so get your keys out your purse now
Run to your car 'fore you laying in a hearse clown
(How you sound, yo you dirtier than jurors now)
(Extortin all that money thought you'd have a couple furs now)
Huh, watch your speed
I ain't one to play around
You got your heads in the clouds now
I'm 'bout to bring you to the ground
There's something that you need to know
(They got you on video?)
SIKE, but your girl Carmen Brown is a silly ho