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Bitch, I Love You lyrics - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

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Bitch, I Love You Song Lyrics

b**ch, I love you
I don't know just why
b**ch has done me wrong
But now baby
That's why you got me
Singin' my song
Girl, you know you love
To talk some sh*t
b**ch, don't make me
Bust ya in your lip
She talka me back
And gonna make me
Hit your lips
Come home
Late at night
Wouldn't you know that it
Just ain't right
I'm here make a bad girl blue
Yeah I'm gonna be here
Hittin' on you
Yeah, Yeah, Eeah
Yeah, what's wrong with you?
I gave you all this money, tryin' to do you right and treat you like a woman.
Look how you make me...look at how you gonna go and treat me like a damn fool!
People try and talk about that woman over here, I got the back of my hand
f**k that sh*t. I'm Black Joe. Black Joe! Black Joe mothaf**ka! Black Joe!