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You Can Do Better Than Him Lyrics

OST: Bonnie & Clyde: A New Musical

Song Lyrics

You Can Do Better Than Him Song Lyrics

I give you fair warning
He's no bed of roses sweet Bonnie
I can't see him finding the time
to raise children, Hell no
He's wild and he's reckless
Ain't nothing but trouble
You're better without him
Ya think hard sweet Bonnie
And then you should think once again

We both know
You can do better than him
Why you deserve someone who's there all the time
Someone who thinks crime don't pay
I still see the snowy white dress that you wore
Playing the angel in some dumb school play
For a while I thought that you would fly away

I still see the apple cheeked girl that you were-yep
Hidin' in treetops
And feeding the birds
Makin' up rhymes
How you loved pretty words

You could find someone that people respect
A man who is rich and smart
Someone who's known in all the right places
And knows the good book by heart

But I know

But I know

You won't do better than me
No - Not when it comes down to love that is true
There's no man who could love you like I do

[Thanks to Nicole-Lauren for lyrics]