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Kurupt, R.O.C. & Phats Bossi Lyrics


Radio Lyrics

Radio Song Lyrics

[Radio DJ]
Hey DJ (I'm your radio)
It's a brand new day
Whatchu say baby?
You wanna get down?
You gotta get up
And I'm your wake-up man
The Gargamill is in your ear
Rappin' in your ear
On WBALL (Balls)
It's not on your radios
Your radio is not really on
If it's too hot, then stay calm (Turn me on)

[Phats Bossi]
Who's the misfit stompin' through your district?
Who's the man coming fully equipt? Who's the sh*t?
Who be the head-honcho? Hit 'em low like Roberto
Go blow-for-blow; I'm the man
The man'll get the suits like MacGuyver, move like Kaiser
Ain't nobody bustin' liver, f**k the pod-piper, ex-sniper
Right beside ya, me and Max and a biker
What's next? Whatchu think is next? Cash, checks
You likin' this sh*t? You ain't seen nothing yet
The army get dead, several of them dressed in fatigues
Politicin' with the Presidents and VPs
See me on TV sippin' keyed weed or on your local sippin' DP
Regime be the team of the scream
Balls lean, hit the scene and I'm way too clean
On your radio, yo, yo

[1] - I'm your radio (Turn me on)
We make ya trunk pump everytime the beat bump
I'm your radio (Turn me on)
State to state, we jumpin' through your soundwaves
I'm your radio (Turn me on)
I'm on your radio, stay gettin' crazy dough
I'm your radio (Turn me on)
That's cuz we bounce, rock, roll or skate

Kurupt, Young Gotti, I don't play no games
Feelin' Beyonce about to make her _Say My Name_
I'm your radio baby in stereo baby
G-dubulous fast Gotti to drive you crazy
Impossible baby, impossible lives, the hospital lies
Listenin' to Gotti at five
I'ma underdog dog, young balls dog, under balls balls
Young balls hog; a millon words a minute
A billon balls to bust, a trillon and a half just to _Ride Wit Us_
Yo, G Dub, let the little homies bump
And we gon' hit them in they head when we touch 'em up
If these fools wanna trip, we gon' light 'em up
Cuz we just don't give a mother-switch up
or your bubble contact, touch me where I love to be touched at
Catch me in a Cut', in a 'Lac with a dub sack
What up ROC?

[Repeat 1]

I got next (Why you?) cuz I'll be next
The name ain't debate when they conversate the best
Whoever slept (Well) eternally rest and good night (See ya)
I tuck haters in for life; so when you're bumpin' to the Man upstairs
Then tell him something (What?)
I cloned his persona specifically as a rhymer
No jewels and diamonds (Uh huh) rings and chains
Won't ever change a thing or the slang I bring
I'm from the basement, bottom, the "Who shot 'em?"
Partna, what's poppin', rock cockin', double glock
And who's droppin'? Hip-hoppin' non-stoppin' on your radio
Nine blow your mind rotten cuz the rhyme style gangsta (Yeaah)
My requosition is flexxing the index (Uh)
I suggest you adjust your vest position
Bet your lights darken when the pipes sparkin'
And got Tha Pound barkin' G talkin', get your walk on
I'm on your radio

[Repeat 1]

[Phone rings]
[Radio DJ]
KWBALLS, who's speaking?!

Yo, this Dame Young, this the program director at Power 106
But everyone know me as the RZA "I'm Your Radio"
I get calls from Jamaica that say that's bangin'
Let me hear that heater go!

[Radio DJ]
Thank you!

[Phone rings]
[Radio DJ]
This is KWBALLS, who's this?!

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, yeah, what up? This Dr. Dre. That new cut, "I'm Your Radio"
I'm bumpin' it right now. Warren G- You're doing big thangs boy
Keep it bangin'!

[Radio DJ]
Well, blow me down, KWBALLS is doing it again, startin' something

[Phone rings]
[Radio DJ]
KWBALLS, who's this?!

[Warren G]
Yo, what's up?! This Warren G and I was just calling in to say that new song
by Phats, Kurupt, the R.O.C.- it's off the hook baby. Keep banging it

[Radio DJ]
What more can we have here folks?!
Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and hustlaz
It's going down

[Phone rings]
[Radio DJ]
Hot-line, who is this?!

[Queen B]
What's up?! This Queen B representin' all the rats and OGs
And "I'm Your Radio". Keep banging that sh*t baby