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Get Up lyrics - Jessica

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Get Up Song Lyrics

Ohhh, ohhh, yeah
Whoa, yeah
I got the heat to make your feet move to the beat
And if you sing come on and get up outta ya seat
Uh, ah, yeah
Don't worry about what people think
Get on the floor and let your soul take control
Oh, ah, yeah
[1] - Set your mind all free and throw away your worries
Cuz we gon' party 'til the morning light
Despite all of your fears
No matter where you live
The P-A-R-T-Y is on tonight, yeahhh
[2] - All the sisters everywhere- get up
All the brothers everywhere- get up
People your hands in the air- get up
Wave 'em like you just don't care- get up
From the booth to LA- get up
All the party people everywhere- get up
Throw away your worries and kids- get up
Put 'em up, put 'em up, everybody get on up
All of my partners in the PJs to the homies around from around the way
Let's set things off (Whoa, yeah)
No time for tears appears cuz the year two-zero-zero-zero is here
So let's just have a good time (Tiiiiime)
[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2]
I'm about to get my shake on
Turn the volume up and put this tape on
And then this can be not to fake on
My people come to help me get my break on
Never will I do the one mistake and
Nor dance with someone that is taken
And no one will ever keep me waitin'
I gotta be the one that you're dating
Plus I gotta be the one you call on
If you down to know then you can fall on
And that's the way it's gotta be
So let's party
Get your drink on
Whatever you do, don't be rude, just keep your cool
Gotta get your nice and let it go
And let this music take control
[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 2]
Chicago- get up
New York- get up
California- get up
A-T-L- get up
New Orleans- get up
DC- get up

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