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I Wanna Live

Braveheart f/ Nature Lyrics


I Wanna Live Lyrics

I Wanna Live Song Lyrics


[Nas (speaking in Dr. Trevis-like voice)]
Braveheart niggas (Jungle), IllWill niggas (Wizard)
Made of steel niggas (Horse), robothugs (Nature)
We can't be stopped by them b**ch-ass cops (Braveheart)
Made of steel, y'all bullets don't kill
We break outta jail, f**k the system
To all our black babies, boys and girls
We school y'all wit knowledge of the world
Only to God we hail, and this money we spend it
We spend it, it's the root of e-vil
But these black millionaires will live and survive
We will stay alive

A quick reality check, salaries and sex
Rodents spreadin disease, and man'll carry it next
I been exposed to this game, so it's that I express
Blood, sweat and tears, for my stress, cigarettes and beers
Newports or Kools, cautious dudes movin in the Belly
I stay aware of who I'm talkin to
Police payin fiends off wit food
For a Snicker bar, they knock on your door, come and get you god
Hit you harder than a crack pipe, live the gat life
Gettin drunk, full gallons down to half-pints
X-O to act right, stay slurring my speech
Hearin silent screams at night, disturbing my sleep
Burnin my weed, the smallest thug caught a bug
War stories on the bench till y'all caught a buzz
I made y'all watch when the game's hot, the same park
Niggas hustle and die without they Braveheart

[Chorus - Nas]
I wanna live, the way my brother lives
I shall not die (never), why must we be so high?
I pray to God, (please God) take me to your path
And show me how, to live with all this cash

A black robe for my queen, guns and crack for my team
Wit a map of fifty states that's flooded wit fiends
It says "Welcome to my town" but if you black you hang
We don't tolerate no sh*t from pimps or gangs
f**k that, that's the rule for them fake ass cats
Paradise is the place that you vacate at
Very few get to make it back, or get knocked tryin
Holdin they earning from the block, there's no returnin
Trapped in the belly of the beast week to week
He shackled from his head to his feet, life is deep
New York City too small for everbody to eat
Some explore the world and don't give a f**k about the penalty
Who's the enemy, him or me?
The war on drugs will never stop, you understand that
You hear me, Guiliani? (Bravehearts, nigga Bravehearts nigga what)


Yo it's bugged, how everybody that rhyme is thug
Either they sold drugs or rolled wit Bloods
Smoke weed or blow slugs
Yeah that's gangsta, but when I see ya you show love
Where them guns at?
All y'all niggas some really fun cats
Mothaf**ker, give me them shines, run that
Word is bond, y'all niggas fronted like y'all knew me
They rep the hood but they ain't from QB

Never stop this, overriding the cops, we got this
Bravehearts spot em and drop hits
Ever so harder than a mothaf**ker, you see it nigga
Diamonds glitter, what you want to split ya
Three-pound-sevens'll hit ya, focus on the picture
Sparks, gun fire sent, where he went
Did I miss? Perhaps, he collapsed on his back
Ten to the head, either that or pins in his legs
Niggas go under, the streets open up and suck you in
Bad luck is when you throw dice and nuttin wins
And everything you put your hands on be crumblin
And when everything you plan on come to an end
Some light candles, wit Jesus picture on the glass
Hangin crosses on they walls or either practice witchcraft
To bring em good luck, put they faith on a horse race
Some niggas cook up, coke or cut up raw weight or dough
We all share the same thoughts, not to be broke
Some pray for fortune, but this life ain't no joke
(It's no joke, it's no joke)



[Nas (Dr. Trevis-like voice)]
Bravehearts, IllWill (all this cash)
Belly (Bravehearts in the Belly)
Horse (Belly) , Jungle, Wiz (survivin in the Belly), Nature
We will survive (survivin in the Belly)
And teach (we will survive), and reach (IllWill to survive)
From heart to heart, my body and soul (Braveheart niggas)
Braveheart till the death