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Jhene (feat. Lil Fizz Of B2K) Lyrics


Sneaky Lyrics

Sneaky Song Lyrics

Yea, its Lil Fizz,
Yea this is incredible righthere,

Sneakin while you and me freakin,
Ooh I cant believe how you got me,
where you got me i dont know,
Keep sneakin, Creepin,
I'll be peepin,
Why you thinkin that your sneakin all alone,

I ain't gon trip or act a fool,
When you get home late at night,
Cuz it ain't no reason for me,
To blow my cool, as long as you make it there all right,
Ladies keep starin, boy you kno i ain't carin,
And it don't make a difference to me,
If you gon be sneaky, Ill be sneaky too,
Cuz i ain't the type thats gon be chasin after you..
Yes Ooh

Chorus X2

Won't be all up in your face,
Like them other girls may do,
Dont even really care what others say,
As long as you can come and chill wit your boo,
You can keep on flirtin, I know one things for certain,
That you keep comin back to me,
When it's all said and done,
I know i'll be number one,
But until then keep on creeping have your fun,
Yes Ooh

Chorus X2

Boy you think your so slick,
And im lovin every bit of it,
Dont really matter much to me,
You can do what you please,(do what you please)
Keep unfoldin, i see what your doin,
Dont change your personality,
You can be who you wana be..

Lil Fizz:
Well, no need for an introduction,
Its your 10 o'clock breakin news interruption,
Lil Fizz ???
Thats right, its crazy how i keep these song pumpin,
And i can begin already a camoditee,
No space in my bed whitey, but ya'll can follow me,
Im just too hot to touch, to hot to hold,
Still tryin sneak shawty behind the bungalo!

Chorus X4

Why you thinkin that your sneakin X4

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