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Relax Your Mind lyrics by Loon


Relax Your Mind Song Lyrics

[P. Diddy]
Come on, a come on now
This is what they wanna hear right here
[P. Diddy]
Come on, a come on now
This is what they wanna hear right here
[P. Diddy]
Come on, a come on now
This is what they wanna hear right here
[Chorus - Loon]
Yo, relax your mind, let your conscious free
Your now rollin with the sounds of the B-A-D
B-O-Y, niggaz don't be that fly
Niggaz don't see sun and we those guys
Check it out, cause I been stackin dough
Been mackin hos, nigga Loon a pimp go ask the hos
Nigga you's a simp, cause your smack the hos (yeah)
And lose your temper like John McEnroe
Me, I'm cool I keep my jewels intact (c'mon)
Loon ain't type of dude that'll move like that (that's right)
Don't compare me to no boozy cat
Cause Loon'll call them dudes, come use them gats
Remember the time when I didn't use to rap
You know me, O.G., O.T. movin past
As far as the street, I already proved that fact
Not to be rude, but I ain't in the mood for that
Movin on to bigger songs, bigger things
Use my arm for bigger charms, bigger rings
Usually calm, but when it's on, nigga trained
To drop the bomb, worse than my mom
Ya'll niggaz playin
[Chorus] (*starts with "girl" instead of "yo"*)
[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
Yeah, Bad Boy
Yeah, come on now
Now what's your forte, chicks they all say
That they want a nigga, sip Cris' all day
This be all great, merely kiss for foreplay
When I slip and slide with this chick from Norway
Whips I push, make the b**ch's jaw sway
Then I hit they bush, leave 'em drippin all day
Then I get like Bush, when I flip the war play
f**k the horse play, hot sex in hallways
Pick your spot now, got you hot now
Since you locked down, roof put the top down
I know you eager to leave this hot town
Know how you feel we can leave or not now
First you was fiendin, but screamin stop now
Walls got knocked down, when I laid my cock down
Spendin my cheese while you breathin shop round
I can't believe that you screamin cop now
[Chorus] - w/ ad libs
[P. Diddy - talking behind chorus]
Yeah, come on now
Yo, in one year I gave you bastards, two classic
(P Diddy: That's right, +I Need a Girl Part I and Part II+, that's right)
Between me, Puff and Usher it was too drastic
Between me, Puff and Gin was true magic (yeah you remember her)
Cause everybody +Needed a Girl+ but who asked her
You was scared, basically you wasn't prepared
To gettin married and havin a couple of chirls
I'm a grown man nigga, I ain't never concerned
About how nice your ice, or the money you earn
I'm the slim guy, spend years reppin N.Y.'s
So you just start pullin on blunts, I've been high
You just start visitin spots, I've been by
And the hell with a throwback nigga, I've been fly
[P. Diddy]
Come on now
Definitely real, (yeah) spend time in Beverly Hills (break it down)
Been gettin money since Tiffany Mills
I've got a debt to fulfill
Front, I'm a definitely kill
I might peel hole left of your grill
With no mercy, niggaz don't know I'm so thirsty
Sticks and stone, break bones but don't hurt me
Niggaz wanna clap they chrome but won't merk me
Niggaz keep frontin like Loon won't get dirty
[Chorus] - 2X
[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
Relax your mind
Yeah, what's the name
Bad Boy,
Yeah, let's go
yeah, c'mon
Bad Boy baby, yeah
[P. Diddy - talking]
One God, one love, one family
Bad Boy, they ain't never seen nothin like this
I see you Loon (*echo*)
Come on, come on now
I don't think they heard you
Tell 'em one more time
[Chorus] - 2X
[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
Yeah, what's the name
Bad Boy, YEAH
Relax your mind
Bad Boy baby, and we don't stop
[P. Diddy - talking]
Cause we can't stop
And we won't stop cause we can't stop
Ya'll remember that
Yeah it's still there, it's still there
Ten years later ..
Your our future Loon, let's go boy
Let's go, yeah, let's go
This goes out to Harlem
I see you Harlem, that's where we from
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