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Minstrel Show lyrics


Minstrel Show Song Lyrics

[spoken] Gentlemen, be seated.
[singing] Mr. Tambo, Mr. Tambo, how do you do?
And incidentally, how do you feel?
[spoken] Well, now, I-I-I feels just like a stovepipe, n-nothing else b-buddy
HAMMY: [spoken] You feels just like a stovepipe?
[spoken] A-yeah, sooty! Hee hee hee hee, hyah hyah hyah hyah
(CHORUS scats)
Now, Mr. Bones, Mr. Bones, it's good to see you,
and incidentally, Mr. Bones, how do you feel?
[spoken] How does I feel? Well, man, I feels just like a fireplace here of late
HAMMY: [spoken] You say you feels just like a fireplace?
MR. BONES (TOMMY): [spoken] I said it, I feels "grate" *laughter* (CHORUS scats)
We all expect some dancing when the minstrels come to town,
snow may I present to you,
Mr. Rufus Rastus Jefferson Davis Brown.
CHORUS sings:
"By The Light of the Silvery Moon"