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Mermaid Song Lyrics

OST: Aspects of Love

Song Lyrics

Mermaid Song Song Lyrics

I am a mermaid
With golden hair...

I've never seen one like you!

Not all us mermaids
Have silver tails --
I have no tail at all!

Well, I've never,
Seen any mermaids
With knobbly knees!
I'd say this tale
Was a touch too tall,
Maybe a touch too tall...

Sailors would smash on
My jagged rock,
Lured by my siren's song...

It isn't the
Song of the siren
That tortures men --
That's where your theory
Goes sadly wrong,
That's where it all goes wrong...

I thought you'd know better,
You know nothing
About mermaids.

ALEX: (wry)
You know nothing
About sailors...

I do!
Much more than you!
If you were a sailor
And heard my song,
Would you be lured by me?

I wouldn't be
Foolish enough to
Go near your rock --
I'd steer my galleon out to sea...

...Lonely and lost at sea...