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Jamie Foxx lyrics - Willy Beaman


Jamie Foxx Song Lyrics

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman Willy Beaman has done it again.
Got to get to Work
Dat's Right
You know Uh C'mon C'mon. You know my name
My name is Willy, Willy Beaman.
I keep the ladies, Cravin.
And all my fans, They're screamin.
You can't defeat me, Your dreamin
Buck Wild, Styles Style won't stop.
Willy Beaman got the ladies in the stands smilin. Woah
Gettin down to the nitty gritty makin them run out on the feild and show they're titties Uh Uh.
Shakin like Payton and Shaq let a baller find a glock hold it steady and pack the woodstock.
Sending you downtown blast you on a rocket keep it in your pocket Touchdown.
Wat's Up now
Who's That Rocking the Spot,(It Willy Beaman)
Who's that keepin it hot,(I'm Willy Beaman)
Who's That Bringin the pain,(It's Willy Beaman)
Got the Ladies Screamin my Name,(Then Won't you scream)
I Introduce, Introduce the invisible juice
I'm snappin Ankles
Breaking Tangles, knockin helmets too.
C'mon I will run this town Garanteed Touchdown.
(Hook in between)
The Way I move so sweet
Cause I'm about to pay
Watever we owe U
Cause all I'm about is grace ooooh yeah.
Got to Get to work
Got to Go To Work
Willy Beaman