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Music Video

We're Still Friends

Amy Winehouse Lyrics


We're Still Friends Lyrics

We're Still Friends Song Lyrics

Ain't it wonderful, that you've... that you've found a friend
Because though we change in our endeavours
Still we... still we have some things in common
Now ain't it strange... it's strange and wonderful
That we... we're still friends
Yeh... we're still friends

Through my heart... we never parted
But through our living... was friends... was friends as friends do talk
And the way we are when we're together
Let's us both know that we still, love one another
Ain't it strange and wonderful
That we... that we... we're still friends, yeah
We're still friends
We're still friends
We're still friends


October, 30th 2016
2:42 from Amy Winehouse, begins with the sorting of notes on the piano. Then, after 19 seconds, enters the singer's voice, which does not meet the current melody. Without a voice, that would be fantastic instrumental playing the piano, blues for a good evening. Now this is the blues again, but spoiled with unnecessary vocals. Most likely, this auditory work will be liked only by ardent fans of the singer. It is sad to hear it. Sad to hear a sad melody.


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