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Pick Up The Phone

Ludacris Lyrics


Pick Up The Phone Lyrics

Pick Up The Phone Song Lyrics

Man we talking racecars nigga this aint no joke!
R-Kelly: Fresh out the kitchen, so dont touch it yet it's hot.
We bout to cross the finish line ladies and gentlemen!
I suggest you c'mon! Tyrese, Luda, Kells...

When you hear the
Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello,
Pick up the phone!
Hello hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, when you hear the...

Behind chorus now:
Yo wats up this is Kells im not here right now.
Leave your name and # and I'll get back with ya.

Verse 1 R-Kelly:
C'mon ahh c'mon!
Everywhere I go its another show its another party, its another hoe.
And everywhere I go its another homie, its another drink and it's another room.
And gettin that cash theres always always a tailor, always a jewler, always a hater.
When u'z a star theres never a way out,
These broke ass niggas are gon' have their hands up.
Im tiired of the drama.
Im bout to hop my ass of in my humma.
And hit the road like I was carl Rayson on a vacation, leave them all sayin...


Behind Chorus:
Yo wats up this Is kells Im not here tight now.
Leave your name and # Ill get back with ya.

Verse 2 Tyresse:
Now when you hear a beep leave a message,
only way you can catch me on the south side of town,
with them things on the ground.

Cause I'm ballin like spalding, shootin dice like pool!
Plus im up in the club for free cause I got pulled.
I never buy dringks for b**ches unless this b**ch my missus
Or this b**ch is my mistress givin me sexual healing.
No time for love feelings dont tell me yall alone.
This here like drug dealins get your kiss out and I'm gone.
Seven Hiasian hunnies piled up in a Bentley coupe.
12 Chinese chickenheads fella what you wanna do?
Man I'm tired of all these fake nigga type dudes.
Chicks wanna rotate with these 8 figga type dudes.
I'm a fresh dude, white tee and throwback dude.
All white shoes, blue yellow, red jewlws.
Money is like steriods, look at my muscles,
And if the dance play out, its back to the hussle.
Some say the albums commin out, it aint gon' sell.
Debut at #1... Click!


Behind Chorus:
This your baby boy Tyrese,
If you aint spreddin that seed dont even wanna see yaaa.
Ay! its Luda... Either you nuttin or you aint talkin 'bout nuttin.
Im not trying to hear. Yo this is kells...
You aint talking bout no money I aint calling you back.

Verse 3 (Tyrese?):
Unless you talkin doe, dont call my phone.
If you talkin sex, then call my phone.
If you with your man dont call my phone.
When that niggas gone, then call my phone.
Unless you got dome drink, dont call my phone.
20 chix or more, than call my phone.
When you need a favor, don't call my phone, if you got some ksst!
Then call my phone.


Behind Chorus:
Yo watsup its Tyrese.
You aint callin me bout no money get up off my phone!
Yeea, waddup its Luda. Probly lookin at the caller Id...
Dont even wanna talk to your ass!
Yo watsup the this is Kells, Im not here right now,
Leave your name and # and Ill get back with ya.

Verse 4-Ludacris:
Whooo! Now see Im just a black man livin out a black mans dream.
I went from popeyes to eatin flinstone wings
Pourin out alchahaul rollin up green, playin X-box on a hundred inch screen
Mayn its not a game these dames they not usedta.
Takin private jets, flyin to St.Lucia
And then we can sex till the break of dawn cause
I love'm tonight but don't respect them in the norning. OOhh!
I got million stashed, cause in God we trust but other people pay cash.
A man once told me no guts no glory so
I got my beam attachced to my twin glok 40s.
Now all my x-girlfriends wipe your smiles,
6 carz and 7 cribs how you like me now.
I had to turn off the ringer just to hear you moan,
But if its your man, pick up the God-Damned phone!


Behind Chorus:
Grown and sexy, Tyrese. Robkel callabo uh huh?
Yo wats up this is kells, im not here right now.
Leave your name and # and Ill get back to ya

Chorus fades...

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