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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Love, Rosie album description:

In fact, strangely enough, that the daughter of Phil Collins, Lilly Collins, does not perform any songs in the film. But the soundtrack contains work of Elton John , and most of the melodies made by the composer Ralf Wengenmeyr. Incidentally, Lilly Collins some time ago also played Snow White in the film from Disney studio.
The film had as many as 17 job titles and 50 different release dates in various countries, from 17th of October, 2014 (in USA) until April 17, 2015 (in Mexico), but rather, it is a common thing than some phenomenon out of the ordinary.
Interesting enough soundtrack, which is more independent than belongs to the film – indeed, if you look at each song individually, and on the dates of their outcome.
Good, solid rock of long period – from the 60s to 2000s. During this period, a lot of good songs have been written and some of the greater songs included in this collection. For example, Super 700 or Take Me To A Higher Plane . Many of beautiful and active female vocals, like in Get Me Back.
Some songs are like the young George Michael, when he was still in the “Wham!” band. And also there was a place to easy slow jazz without pipes (rather it seems like the blues), and the emphasis in this collection is given with guitar and piano as the main set of the background to all the songs. Well, it is pretty good, good.
The main collection includes 18 songs (9 among them are instrumental), and among those that played in the movie, but are not considered an official soundtracks, 21 songs more. Another 4 songs assigned to different versions of the trailer. Here on the site you will find 24 compositions.
Even if you only listen to the official selection, the hour and a half of good mood are guaranteed. On the other hand, additional songs, contain so many cool artists, so they should be found and listened separately. Must hear!

December, 24th 2016


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