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Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Soundtrack CD. Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Soundtrack

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 2014

Candy Candy

Martin Short 

China Princess

Megan Hilty 

Dorothy Wakes

Toby Chu 

Escape from Emerald City (Instrumental)

Toby Chu 

Even Then

Hugh Dancy 


Martin Short 

One Day (Instrumental)

Lea Michele 

Overture (Instrumental)

Toby Chu 

The Spell is Broken (Instrumental)

Toby Chu 

Under the Jester's Spell (Instrumental)

Toby Chu 

When the World

Lea Michele 

When the World Finale

Lea Michele 

Work With Me

Lea Michele 

March, 31st 2017

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return album description:

The film turned out just having a little music and almost not interesting. At least, such conclusions can be made from:
1) After listening to the soundtrack, where all sing pretty not bad. Women's parts succeeded very much and a huge professional experience behind this felt. The main singer is Lea Michele.
2) The box office is USD 18.7 M vs. USD 70 M spent on its production (pure losses are USD 52.3 M).
If shooting a cartoon would be made by more famous studios, for example, by Disney and the voice acting would have involved less famous actors (now there are Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short and Patrick Stewart involved), the budget would be smaller and losses would have been reduced.
It is unclear why the audience ignored the cartoon. Perhaps there was not enough PR. Or few like animated musicals. In general, the "musical" genre on a big screen is always on the brink – few released in this direction because it is difficult to make an entertaining story with constant singing of the protagonists. It must really be fantastically interesting. But ones managing it, collecting huge box offices, obtaining recognition of the audience along with a bunch of awards. This musical, though completely disastrous, will have two sequels. Well, time will judge.
Martin Short performs most of male parts. He has a comedic voice (he is a comedian). And when he tries to be serious and when he does such music, he turns tragicomic. He is not perceived seriously.
The most beautiful songs, in our opinion, are When the World Finale, When The World and Work With Me. By some strange coincidence, they all start with the W letter. Some have even several words beginning with that letter.


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