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Kingsman: The Secret Service Soundtrack CD. Kingsman: The Secret Service Soundtrack

Kingsman: The Secret Service lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 29th 2016

Kingsman: The Secret Service album description:

Very exciting spy movie in which everything is beautiful – actor's play, costumes, movements, speeches of the main characters, other dialogues and music.
In the musical accompaniment, you will find dance melodies, as well as pop, rock and blues. The music collected with taste. Well, maybe, one song would have to, perhaps, be excluded from such a beautiful compilation – Heavy Crown. It is though a pop, but with large embodiments of rap, but it is not suitable for such an exquisite film considered here.
A lot of popular artists such as Dire Straits and The Doors are represented in this collection. However, it should be noted that they not sing their best songs. There are mainly two areas of music here – pop & rock. Character of all songs is calm and steady, there are no extremes, except of the first song in the collection, but it may not be considered, you just throw it away out of your heads.
As for the number, 11 songs are quite enough for any normal film if it is not of dance style. This spy film is not like this.
Free Bird is a very serious piece of music that will live more, at least, as much as it already lives.
Money For Nothing is a mega-bright melody with a very, very good guitar solo, which made not only this song famous, but also the artists themselves too. One of the best of their hits, in fact.
If to evaluate the overall quality of all selections, then we give it 80 on a scale from 0 to 100. This estimation is for good average level, which it fully deserves. Of course, if you throw Heavy Crown out, because it is obviously has no place among these genres here. Even music producers of good films sometimes face with minor incidents.


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