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Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack CD. Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

4.2/5 (26 votes)

Kingdom Hearts lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 2003

13th Struggle


A Day In Agrabah


A Piece Of Peace


A Twinkle In The Sky


A Very Small Wish


Afternoon Streets


An Adventure In Atlantica


Arabian Dream


Bustin' Up On The Beach


Dearly Beloved


Dearly Beloved


Destiny Islands


Dive Into The Heart


Dive Into The Heart (Destati)




Fragments Of Sorrow


Friends In My Heart


Friends In My Heart






Kairi I


Lazy Afternoons


Magical Mystery


Mickey Mouse Club March


Missing You


Monstrous Monstro


Passion / Santuary


Reviving Hollow Bastion




Simple And Clean

PLANITb Remix 

Sinister Sundown




Strange Whispers


Tension Rising


Treasured Memories


Under The Sea


Villains Of A Sort


Working Together