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Judge, The Album Cover

Judge, The

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Judge, The Tracklist

Judge, The album description:

Emotionally intense film in which Robert Downey, Jr. has finally stepped away from the image of the Iron Man and plays a simple person, who returned to the small town, where he has grown. His father, a local judge, now is at the dock because he is suspected of murder. And the hero of Robert is engaged to prove that he is not a killer.
A lot of good music in the film, representing the north America – the country music. In addition to this genre, there is also a Band Of Horses, who played rock and classic by James Horner. The most beautiful among genre of country music seems to us The Scientist melody here, from which emanates not only with the soul, but also with sadness. After all, this music is not in the classic country but in the blues direction. In general, country music has lot of ways. According to Wikipedia, this line has 13 subgenres, 11 fusion genres 5 and derivatives – i.e., those on which country affected the most, creating separate spin-offs. What is good about it? That music develops; it lives, in a broad sense. So, the genre does not die, and lot of people succumbed under its influence. Also, the bands that make something of their own, different musical products that develop the direction. Of course, country music deserves respect, because it has grown more than a dozen of generations of Americans.
Long White Cadillac is a brilliant representative of the direction. Every country song certainly has to reach at least the same quality. And The Bottle Let Me Down is so-called rustic country, which is singed by a simple voice beyond complicacies. This even portrayed as a parody of a country boy. For example, the show The Green Acres, a classic comedy serial, is full of such voices and country fellows.

January, 24th 2017


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