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Inside Out Album Cover

“Inside Out” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2015

“Inside Out” Track List with Lyrics

One of the most creative movies from the Pixar studio, where everyone will find something of their own. It's cute, sad, exciting, gentle, cheerful and even a little bit a thriller. The film is about what happens in the soul of a teenage girl who is gradually losing faith in the world around her after some events, as well as the visualization of her main emotions in the process. Definitely worth watching because it entertaining, life alike and excellent storyline.
Music matches this powerful animated film and just stunningly picked up. It is a very good supplement to what is happening on the screen and pleases us greatly with its quality. Judge yourself: Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith a-priori cannot be present in a bad movie. Despite the fact that most of the melodies are instrumental, they are very organic as a separate collection, and they are repeatedly reinforce emotions in a movie. Composer Michael Giacchino tried his best, creating masterpieces that both adult and infantile, unsophisticated as Nomanisone Island and cheerful, like First Day of School .
As to the character of the entire collection, it is filled with emotions as much as the film itself. In the same composition there can be such polar things like joy and sorrow, and the other may have the courage and despair. The additional selection of music, which was not included in the list of 24 + 1 main compositions, consists of ethno-rock and dance-style songs like in Grease movie with John Travolta – the same catchy and flamingly inspiring. Besides that, you will find also creepy footprints of haunting melodies. So different collections are not regular, they usually released once per few years, so do not forget to add this musical gathering to your collection.

June, 14th 2024

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