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Inside Llewyn Davis Album Cover

Inside Llewyn Davis Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis Tracklist

Inside Llewyn Davis album description:

It is controversial film about hard days of a folk singer, depicted by Oscar Isaac. His screen partner, who loves him and hates him simultaneously, is depicted by Carey Mulligan – the same girl, who was the love of the entire life of Leo DiCaprio’s character in Great Gatsby.
The film was represented at several Oscars & Golden Globes & was even named as one of the best films of 21st century, according to opinion of respected 170+ critics in the USA. Sure, it has be so – as it is profound, very touching & deep, masterfully shot by Coen brothers. Many observers hit it 5 stars of out 5, acknowledging its extreme perfection, embodied in gray colors of lives & surrounding landscape.
Justin Timberlake is another actor here and he is also a singer – Five Hundred Miles and Please Mr. Kennedy are performed by him in co-authorship with other actors-singers of this movie. In addition to the fact that the most part of songs was performed live and written for this film and in this film, the cast is fully capable of singing and so the casting directors must have done a double job, by not only auditioning but also making hearings.
The songs are what Mr. Isaac sings in the plot – folk. Therefore, the biggest part has the same down mood and gloomy lyrics, as the film and all its tree official trailers. In addition to actors’ singing, at least one professional is included in the soundtrack – Bob Dylan with his Farewell (unreleased studio version). This song depicts large grief, when a guy has to leave, though he has love here. He hopes he will hear from his lover about her laughter & tears in the future while he’ll be away. Actually, it is one of the most well known songs of this performer, which was covered by many and it is ideal for this film’s trailer, as it has all: folk nature, mood of sadness and lyrics of hope.

September, 11th 2017


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