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Infinitely Polar Bear Album Cover

Infinitely Polar Bear

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Infinitely Polar Bear Tracklist

Infinitely Polar Bear album description:

In what genre can film be made about the girl temporarily leaving her two teenage children in the care of disorderly men of forty-five years old? Because other genres will be excruciatingly boring, then the correct answer is a comedy. And, once a comedy, so the music must match – easy and does not shade what’s happening on the screen. Because such a movie cannot be something different that a family comedy with an emphasis on the major American values for the middle class. Otherwise, the music would also be a daredevil like in American Pie.
14 main songs that define the mood of the film’s background do not differ among themselves and do not separate any of performers nor sole big star. Tina Turner , presented here, almost does not count because, A Fool In Love song she sung at the time when she wasn’t famous yet. Album for those who are relevant to the tunes of "middle America", loves measured flows of the sounding, like in The Oogum Boogum . You will find such genres in the collection as the black soul, jazz ( Ike ), country ( Doomsday ), a little bit of North American folk with banjo, some of country gospel and Christian gospel.
Generally, we have a sneaking impression that all middle movies and family movies of Hollywood of past two years deliberately used music from the 70–80s of the last century, not later, as if hinting that modern values did not go to any comparison with what it was 30 or 40 years ago. But, maybe this music is simply cheaper to manufacture and saves the film's budget? Let each one to answer him at this question.
In general, if you choose to listen to this collection, you can safely do your daily tasks, while you will have this music as a background. Smooth and plain mood is provided.

December, 12th 2016


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