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How to Be Single  Album Cover

How to Be Single Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

How to Be Single Tracklist

How to Be Single album description:

In recent years, there are many movies where the main tone is set by, to put it mildly, full-bodied women. It is possible that both men & women already are tired of endlessly beautiful images of ideals, looking on them from glossy covers, billboards & screens of displays & so this trend gains momentum. Drew Barrymore, which herself is far not too thin, has become a producer of this piece. The role of the main temptress went to Rebel Wilson, who in her 35 blooms in body & smells in soul (the same as the titular Worth It), as exemplified by the endless jokes about the hairiness of between-legs area of yet another main actress here – Dakota Johnson, whose main mission – films with melodramatic lyrics. She looks very similar to own grandmother Tippi Hedren, the former model & acting producer. She is a daughter of the couple Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith (peak of popularity of whom swept away 20 years ago). Last notable film, where Dakota had a major role, was Fifty Shades of Gray, collecting fantastic cash – above USD 0.5 billion & was banned by critics. The same as serious music lovers don’t like Britney Spears, who is similar to a singer in Mine song, the same she was once adored by adolescents.
The film in comedy tones says about the virtues of unmarried life, which is, at least, strange to see from actresses aged 35, 33 & 43, which should have passed this stage 15 – 20 years ago. Dakota is the only young among them, 26. Decline in morals for some reason is worshiped in comedies. Have you noticed that all the latest comedies are like that? About what happens during parties & how to get acquainted with the opposite gender. As if life has nothing else funny left! Alice's Theme contains no lyrics. Nick Waterhouse made video more interesting than the film & The Arcs answered with imperturbable calm.

October, 29th 2016


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